Outbound Marketing Solution

Your sales team needs complete autonomy to access and deliver the right marketing content to qualified leads and close deals fast. They need the latest sales enablement technology to receive alerts and analytics on the marketing content consumed by qualified leads in real-time. The Outbound Marketing Solution is a product that aligns your sales and marketing content into a single digital platform to track and measure the performance of your sales and marketing initiatives.

Begin to oversee all of your sales and marketing efforts on a weekly basis and capture the data you need to make strategic marketing decisions in one streamlined solution. Check out our simple breakdown of the process:

1. Import Content

All of your existing content is integrated into the Sales Enablement Solution. Segment your content by market, product, content type, or any way you see fit for your brand. Immediately begin receiving reports of your sales and marketing performance and start increasing results. Learn more.

  • Complete Content Migration
  • Documentation
2. Onboard Sales

Your sales team is trained through an efficient educational process. Whether your market is based locally or internationally, we facilitate personalized training to seamlessly transition your sales and marketing teams to master the Sales Enablement Solution platform. Learn more.

  • Training
  • Documentation
3. Monitor & Report

Consistent reports on your sales and marketing activities are provided to your managers and executive leadership weekly for short term insights. Quarterly reports provide detailed analytics into content trends for long term strategic sales and marketing development.  Learn more.

  • Weekly Monitoring
  • Quarterly Reporting
  • Annual Sales/Marketing Assessment
4. License

Assign content permissions and license your sales representatives into the Sales Enablement Solution platform. Learn more.

  • User Activation
  • Additional Licenses