Weekly Monitoring

See what products and markets are performing best immediately. Track key insights into your marketing content usage and break down silos with increased transparency among your sales team. Learn more.

High Level Reports

Get a 10,000 foot view of your outbound marketing activity regularly.

  • Observe top users and content shares with leads and customers
  • Gain insight into which types of marketing content are viewed most
  • Discover which markets have the most activity
  • Identify the most engaging and viewed products in your markets
  • Prompt sales reps when updates to marketing content are required
Emailed to Sales Teams

Reports are delivered to your team for transparency and strategic alignment.

Quarterly Reporting

Examine a detailed picture of your sales team’s progress for the quarter. Acquire evidence based rationale on how to increase engagement and usage of your marketing content based on measured results and user feedback. Learn more.

Comprehensive Reports

Detailed insights into your performance strategy to make concrete moves towards sales and marketing alignment.

  • Regional activity report of app sessions, content views, and shares per user
  • Market activity engagement report of content views versus minutes viewed
  • Product activity engagement and usage report by market
  • Content activity engagement and usage report
  • Engagement/Use analysis and performance strategy recommendations
Printed for Sales Managers

Hard copies of reports provided to director level management.

Annual Sales/Marketing Assessment

Capture data on how your marketing content is performing with customers and learn how to boost results. Get a full picture of sales won as a result of specific marketing pieces. See the impact your content updates had on increasing sales rep usage over time. Understand which aspect of your marketing budget you should invest in for increased sales outcomes. Learn more.

Complete Sales/Marketing Report*

Conclusive data and recommendations on where to invest on your marketing content to increase sales outcomes.

  • Customer shares versus sales won report by user and region
  • App updates versus increase/decrease in user activity report
  • Amount of sales generated versus number of content shares report
  • Sales won from most engaging/viewed content report
  • Content performance analysis and improvement report and presentation
Printed for Sales Managers & Executive Teams

Sales/Marketing assessments delivered to director and executive level management.

Presentation of Recommendations & Improvements

We present our findings to your team and drive excitement around your approved vision for your sales enablement program’s future development.

*Client side order report required.